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the rules!

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the rules! Empty the rules!

Post by Kingmitch97 on Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:45 am

The rules are:
1.No Double posting(This meens no posting one after another again and again)
2.No spaming(That meens no posting random letters)
3.No swearing or bad language(This site is a no swearing zone!)
4.No nasty comments(Just cause you dont support that persons football team you dont start being mean to them!)
5.No Advertising(If you have a website please do not post it here)
6.Put your post in the right forum(Remember to put sport in sport and jokes in jokes)
7.No adult contence(No rude pictures or videos that are unsutable ask Kingmitch97 invisp or Jamster12312 or who ever is online if you are not sure)
8. No fights (Leave them outside of the forum!)
9. Do not ask to be a moderator (We will pick people who are being sensible and respectful!)
10. Follow the forum rules!
11. Do not post in hard to read colours! Do not use Yellow White ect... Use colours that everyone can see like dark colours!

Rules broken to get ban: 1(5), 2(4), 3(2), 4(3), 5(3), 6(4), 7(1), 8(1), 9(Noban), 11(noban)
Basicially, if rule 1 is broken 5 times by you, its a ban. If rule 8 is broken even once, its ban straight away. You have been warned!

Edit by jamster12312:youtube videos do not count as advertising.If you want to ask if its ok to advertise something ask a admin! affraid

Last edited by jamster12312 on Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:36 am; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : New rules added)
Teh Master Of POP
Teh Master Of POP

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the rules! Empty Re: the rules!

Post by invisp on Sun May 10, 2009 10:19 am

Note: making a thread in the rules section will cause you an ip address ban for 1 day! Dont try changing ip adresses because we can keep track on all ip addresses you have accessed!
Teh admin of the invisp's!
Teh admin of the invisp's!

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