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may/ june catalog cheats!

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may/ june catalog cheats! Empty may/ june catalog cheats!

Post by Yodaime on Sat May 16, 2009 10:50 pm

to find the first hidden catalog cheat do this: on the igloo on ur chatbar
step 2. click on edit room icon on the lower right.
step on the buy items icon.
step 4. click to page 1 on the catalog.
step on the medieval banner.
This is the medieval knight sculpture!
here is the second:
step 6. click on the 3rd page
step on the poodle plant
now you have the wheel barrow.
step 8. go to the 4th page
step 9. click on the right corn plant in vegetable garden
you have found the picket fence
step 10. go to the fourth page
step 11. click on red guitar.
now you have found the disco ball!

this is all i have for now! i will update more when there are more cheats! -Yondaime

may/ june catalog cheats! 0d894731f41b4e6e82383af7e5e68a26.0
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may/ june catalog cheats! Empty Re: may/ june catalog cheats!

Post by Kingmitch97 on Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:51 am

Cool cheats i knew some of these but not all of them
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